New Wave DV is an expert in 1394b AS5643 solutions and offers a range of FPGA-based board level as well as FPGA IP core solutions to meet industry needs. New Wave DV provides both test application and embedded application focused 1394b AS5643 products. Fibre Channel networks with various upper level protocols (ULPs) are used in a variety of high-speed mission systems. Within a mission system Fibre Channel provides a high-bandwidth and low-overhead interface solution. 

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Combining Customizable High-Speed Interfaces with FPGA Coprocessing

Part NumberInformationCategoryForm Factor
V1142Quad-Port 1394b AS5643 XMC FPGA CardAvionics Data BusPMC/XMC
V1160 XMC 100GbDual Port 100G Rugged EthernetRugged SwitchesPMC/XMC
V114412-Port 1394b-AS5643 XMC FPGA CardAvionics Data BusPMC/XMC
V1161Supports 10/25/40/100Gbs Ethernet applicationsFPGA PMC/XMC
V1146 1394b - Nine transformer-coupled rear IO portsAvionics Data BusPMC/XMC
FW-3x-PCIe-400Ttriple (3 independent nodes) Mil1394 OHCI host adapter Avionics Data BusPCIe
V115312-Port Rugged XMC FPGA CardFPGA PMC/XMC