VPX56H-6 VPX Power Supply

Form Factor: 6U VPX
Category: Power Supplies
Supplier: North Atlantic Industries (NAI)
Application(s): Airborne, Ground and Test Equipment

The VPX56H-6 is NAI's latest high power, 1000 Watt AC/DC converter which accepts either a 3Ø 115Vac L-N inputs or a +270Vdc input. It plugs directly into a standard 6U VPX chassis with a (VITA 62) 1.0” power supply slot. This off-the-shelf solution for VITA 46.0 and VITA 65 systems is compatible with VPX specifications; supports all VITA standard I/O, signals, and features; and conforms to the VITA 62 mechanical and electrical requirements for modular power supplies.

The VPX56H-6 power converter is conduction-cooled through the card edge/wedgelock. It accepts 3Ø AC or +270 VDC input and provides five outputs and I/O at up to 1,000 Watts and supports a variety of standard features, including continuous Background Built-in-Test (BIT); remote error sensing; and protection against transients, over-voltage, over-current, and short circuits. With its intelligent design, the VPX56H-6 also has the flexibility to address special needs. Current share is available on main outputs.


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