Form Factor:
Category: Avionics Data Bus
Supplier: Alta Data Technologies (ADT)
Application(s): Airborne, Ground and Test Equipment

Rugged, Real-Time In-Line 1553 to Ethernet Converter. Full 1553 BC, RT and BM Controls. No OS or IP Stack, No Viruses

Full BC, RT, and BM 1553 Controls Built-in a Small, Rugged, In-Line package. Control and convert 1553 messages to/from Ethernet in real-time (<20 uSec). Auto-bridge 1553 messages (BM) to UDP Ethernet without any programming.

One or Two Independent, Dual Redundant 1553 Busses

• 10/100/1000 Ethernet <-> MIL-STD-1553 Applications
• Thin-Server, Real-Time UDP Ethernet to/from 1553  
• Remote 1553 Devices on the LAN – VERY Small Size
• Auto Load BC, RT and BM Images for Fast Startup
• Auto BM Mode for 1553->Ethernet Bridging: No Programming Needed.
• 5-32 VDC, 500-1500 mAmp 5V typical. 6W max with 2 channels 100% TX.
• IRIG-B RX Decode. RX MIL-STD-1760 RT Addressing

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