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VPX Chassis

TPT KK can provide System Integration in Japan with Pixus Technologies products which are built upon a foundation of a modular line of embedded system and enclosure products incorporating virtually limitless configurations of Rittal brand components.   With superior cooling, advanced backplane design, and strong signal integrity, Pixus leverages a wide range of highly successful OpenVPX, MicroTCA, and AdvancedTCA based solutions chosen by leading companies worldwide. With a highly experienced team of industry experts, Pixus is taking these solutions to the next generation and is actively involved in the continuous development of leading solutions that surpass all data transfer and cooling challenges.

Part NumberInformationCategoryForm Factor
ATR1121/2 ATR top loaded ATR, 3U VPXChassis3U VPX
1/2 ATR ChassisFront or Rear Loaded - Conduction CooledChassis3U VPX
5/8 ATR ChassisTop Loaded Sealed with Heat exchangerChassis3U VPX
VPX 3U Development Chassis3U up to 8 Slots 1.0 inch pitchChassis3U VPX
VPX 6U Development Chassis6U up to 8 slots at 1.0 inch pitchChassis6U VPX
Open VPX Chassis ManagerMonitors Power and Temperature (3U/6U)Chassis
19 inch 3U Rackmount Rugged ChassisShock/vibration to MIL-810, 901D and MIL-461 for EMIChassis3U VPX
19 inch 6U Rackmount Rugged ChassisShock/vibration to MIL-810 and 901D and MIL-461 for EMIChassis6U VPX
1U - 4U Slim Box 19 inch Rackmount (3U/6U)Chassis