Introduces Model LS-28-DRSM -  Modular Telemetry System Reduces Size, Weight and Power.

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Modular Range Re-Transmission and data Integrity Checkout System

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Part NumberInformationCategoryForm Factor
LS-68Multi-Stream Modular Telemetry Processing, Simulation and Recording SystemTelemetrySystem
LS-76Modular Dual Stream Upconverter TelemetrySystem
LS-28-DRSMModular Dual-Channel Receiver/Combiner - Reduce Size, Weight and PowerTelemetrySystem
LS-25-P Multi-Band FM ReceiverTelemetryPCI
LS-27 Down ConverterTelemetryPCI
LS-35IF ReceiverTelemetryPCI
LS-40 Bit Synchronizer DaughterboardTelemetry
LS-50 PCM DecommutatorTelemetryPCI
LS-11 Portable FM TransmitterTelemetrySystem
LS-84Rugged Aluminum Portable Telemetry Data UnitTelemetrySystem